Skye’s The Limit
A great website I came across with lots of inspiring collage art.


Non-profit Campaign Design

Below are some unique and well resolved non-profit campaign designs.

Help Heal Haiti

Falling Letters – Misereor


Rebuilding Haiti with Microfinance – Mastercard Foundation


Can of Nothing


All of these ideas come from the inspiring website Osocio – ‘social advertising and non-profit campaigns from around the globe’

Mood Boards

I have put together a couple of mood boards in an attempt to help me gain an understanding of the two branches of the Children’s Art Village (India and Ghana) and to assist in developing a visual language to represent them.

It is evident from this board of African art, both traditional and contemporary that there is a strong visual language used in this culture. The colour palette of browns, reds and oranges is very dominant, with a few other colours used as accents. There is also a strong use of the abstracted human figure in silhouette form.

This mood board of Indian art is also informing about the visual culture of that country. They use a lot of bold colours through their artwork and also have a strong emphasis on pattern design. I also find the use of hand developed typography in the traditional meditation artwork interesting.

I hope to make use of the visual language of each culture as well as the colour palettes shown to inform my illustrations for this project.

Presentation Feedback

After my presentation on Monday, I received some helpful feedback from the marking lecturers, which I will outline below:

  • The approach of handmade illustrations makes sense due to the vision of the client being embedded in the handmade also. This approach will also hopefully engage the viewer and make them interact will the communicated message. It will be important to sort out the content of the illustrations – it should be cultural and relevant to the children benefiting from the programs.
  • Is this project simply focused on campaign development, or does it need to be expanded to include branding of the Children’s Art Village? Will the development of a unique illustrative style serve this purpose?
  • The project is currently outlined in a very broad way, which is okay at this point in the process, however be aware that this needs to be refined in the coming weeks.
  • What is the purpose of the campaign – Is it simply to raise the profile of the program, or are the further goals like fund raising?
  • Also be aware that there is a danger that such emotive content is personal and will be emotionally driven. There may be a need to change the content/client if this happens to enable focus on design process to remain in the foreground.

I have found this feedback to be helpful in reflecting on the design process so far. It has also been helping in directing me towards the next step within the process, which is the development of the illustrations.


Presentation Preparation

This week I have to present the concept development and research of my major project to date.

The concept statement that I have developed for my project is currently: “To investigate the use of handmade illustrations as a graphic element in design through the development of a campaign for the Children’s Art Village.”

I hope to approach this project by first developing a series of collage illustrations by hand using found materials that communicate the vision of the Children’s Art Village in some way. These illustrations will then be employed across a variety of collateral, forming the aesthetic basis for the campaign development. Currently, the campaign will take the forms of:

  • Website and accompanying blog
  • Postcards
  • Bookmarks
  • Flyer
  • Poster

These are not in concrete and are subject to change throughout the design process as I complete further research and begin to develop the illustrations. My desire is simply to have different formats to apply the developed illustrations to, to convey my ability to work across various media, whilst maintaining aesthetic cohesion.

I have also chosen to target this project towards a younger audience (aged 18-30 years) who are engaged in the arts and who have a concern for the global community as I believe that they would be interested in the vision of the Children’s Art Village. They will also respond well to the personalised approach of developing handmade illustrations.


The thing that I love

Over the past 2 years I have fallen in love the technique of collage, completing many assessment tasks in this style for both my graphic design and textiles courses. I would love to further explore this technique through the completion of my major project.

Some of my favourite photomontage works were completed by Dada artists in 1920-1930s. I love this work entitled ‘Murdering Airplane’ by Max Ernst.

Similarly this photomontage ‘Beautiful Girl’ by Hannah Hoch is  effective in communicating her feminist values.

There are many graphic designers working with a similar illustrative style today to communicate a message to a chosen audience.

One of these designers is Dolman Geiman, who creates images out of found objects and materials.

Another photographer/illustrator who explores the interruption of images in visually stunning ways is Jeremy Gesualdo.

Graphic design studio Brij Design explores the technique of collage through the layering of images and vintage style textures.

Finally, I love the work of Mark Weaver. He extends the technique of collage through his use of clean cut images, subtle additions of colour and bold use of type. I also love his use of silhouettes throughout his illustrations.

Through the major project I hope to create intriguing illustrations through the technique of collage that effectively communicate the vision of the Children’s Art Village.

Selecting a client

I have been reflecting this week on the ‘client’ that I would like to create work for in my major project.

I have an interest in the work of non-government organisations, both here in Australia and overseas, so have researched many of these organisations throughout the week. There are many different organisations that exist. From teams that raise support for clean water, to children’s orphanages and women’s rights activists, it seems that many worthy causes are being represented, some more successfully than others.

During my initial research I discovered an organisation called the Children’s Art Village. Currently, they run art programs for children in two countries. At the Sevalaya Orphanage in India, they assist with running an art and music program for 1,500 children that come from impoverished conditions.

Furthermore, in Ghana, Africa, the Children’s Art Village runs an art and music program at the Hope Orphanage for approximately 200 children. In summer, they also run a week long program for which guest artist teachers travel to the village to assist with different workshops for the children. How cute are these kids…?!

This organisation was particularly interesting to me personally as I am currently studying Visual Arts as well as Graphic Design and have a desire to teach children visual arts in the future. I also have had a heart for Africa for a number of years so it was a joy to see the work that is being done in this country.

From the perspective of a graphic designer, there is much improvement to be made by the Children’s Art Village in communicating their vision. The website is quite lacking aesthetically and the information provided on the accompanying blog also leaves the reader unsatisfied.

I hope that throughout this semester I can engage with this organisation and the work that they are doing and assist in improving their communication with interested people worldwide.

From small beginnings come great things…


This is a space where I will write about the process of completing my major graphic design project at uni before graduating at the end of the year. I hope it will be great (because it’s definitely started small!).

I am currently in the process of attempting to decide what exactly I love about graphic design and how I can translate this into a portfolio worthy project. These are the thoughts I have so far…

Handmade, paper, collage, found objects, pattern design, typography, print media, textiles, non-profit organisation.

Now I just have to form all (or some) of those ideas into a design project. I’m off to do some research.