I have been reflecting this week on the ‘client’ that I would like to create work for in my major project.

I have an interest in the work of non-government organisations, both here in Australia and overseas, so have researched many of these organisations throughout the week. There are many different organisations that exist. From teams that raise support for clean water, to children’s orphanages and women’s rights activists, it seems that many worthy causes are being represented, some more successfully than others.

During my initial research I discovered an organisation called the Children’s Art Village. Currently, they run art programs for children in two countries. At the Sevalaya Orphanage in India, they assist with running an art and music program for 1,500 children that come from impoverished conditions.

Furthermore, in Ghana, Africa, the Children’s Art Village runs an art and music program at the Hope Orphanage for approximately 200 children. In summer, they also run a week long program for which guest artist teachers travel to the village to assist with different workshops for the children. How cute are these kids…?!

This organisation was particularly interesting to me personally as I am currently studying Visual Arts as well as Graphic Design and have a desire to teach children visual arts in the future. I also have had a heart for Africa for a number of years so it was a joy to see the work that is being done in this country.

From the perspective of a graphic designer, there is much improvement to be made by the Children’s Art Village in communicating their vision. The website is quite lacking aesthetically and the information provided on the accompanying blog also leaves the reader unsatisfied.

I hope that throughout this semester I can engage with this organisation and the work that they are doing and assist in improving their communication with interested people worldwide.