Over the past 2 years I have fallen in love the technique of collage, completing many assessment tasks in this style for both my graphic design and textiles courses. I would love to further explore this technique through the completion of my major project.

Some of my favourite photomontage works were completed by Dada artists in 1920-1930s. I love this work entitled ‘Murdering Airplane’ by Max Ernst.

Similarly this photomontage ‘Beautiful Girl’ by Hannah Hoch is  effective in communicating her feminist values.

There are many graphic designers working with a similar illustrative style today to communicate a message to a chosen audience.

One of these designers is Dolman Geiman, who creates images out of found objects and materials.

Another photographer/illustrator who explores the interruption of images in visually stunning ways is Jeremy Gesualdo.

Graphic design studio Brij Design explores the technique of collage through the layering of images and vintage style textures.

Finally, I love the work of Mark Weaver. He extends the technique of collage through his use of clean cut images, subtle additions of colour and bold use of type. I also love his use of silhouettes throughout his illustrations.

Through the major project I hope to create intriguing illustrations through the technique of collage that effectively communicate the vision of the Children’s Art Village.