After my presentation on Monday, I received some helpful feedback from the marking lecturers, which I will outline below:

  • The approach of handmade illustrations makes sense due to the vision of the client being embedded in the handmade also. This approach will also hopefully engage the viewer and make them interact will the communicated message. It will be important to sort out the content of the illustrations – it should be cultural and relevant to the children benefiting from the programs.
  • Is this project simply focused on campaign development, or does it need to be expanded to include branding of the Children’s Art Village? Will the development of a unique illustrative style serve this purpose?
  • The project is currently outlined in a very broad way, which is okay at this point in the process, however be aware that this needs to be refined in the coming weeks.
  • What is the purpose of the campaign – Is it simply to raise the profile of the program, or are the further goals like fund raising?
  • Also be aware that there is a danger that such emotive content is personal and will be emotionally driven. There may be a need to change the content/client if this happens to enable focus on design process to remain in the foreground.

I have found this feedback to be helpful in reflecting on the design process so far. It has also been helping in directing me towards the next step within the process, which is the development of the illustrations.