This week I have to present the concept development and research of my major project to date.

The concept statement that I have developed for my project is currently: “To investigate the use of handmade illustrations as a graphic element in design through the development of a campaign for the Children’s Art Village.”

I hope to approach this project by first developing a series of collage illustrations by hand using found materials that communicate the vision of the Children’s Art Village in some way. These illustrations will then be employed across a variety of collateral, forming the aesthetic basis for the campaign development. Currently, the campaign will take the forms of:

  • Website and accompanying blog
  • Postcards
  • Bookmarks
  • Flyer
  • Poster

These are not in concrete and are subject to change throughout the design process as I complete further research and begin to develop the illustrations. My desire is simply to have different formats to apply the developed illustrations to, to convey my ability to work across various media, whilst maintaining aesthetic cohesion.

I have also chosen to target this project towards a younger audience (aged 18-30 years) who are engaged in the arts and who have a concern for the global community as I believe that they would be interested in the vision of the Children’s Art Village. They will also respond well to the personalised approach of developing handmade illustrations.